Price list

Eyebrow Treatments

Hair Stroke Brows

(Tiny hairstrokes for a natural effect)




Lash Enhancement

Top only




Combination Brows

(Hairstroke & soft powder)





Powder Brows

(A soft pencil effect)




Lash Enhancement

Top & Bottom




Just the outline




Lip Contour & Blush

Helps re-defining your lip shape with full lip blush


Lip Treatments

Eye Treatments


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Treatment cost above includes a  re- touch treatment  which is to be taken 4-6 weeks after initial treatment.

Upon booking a £50 deposit must be paid to hold the appointment of your chosen treatment , if the appointment is cancelled with less than 7 days notice then the deposit will be non – refundable.



Colour Boosts

9- 12 months


12 – 18 months


over 18 months full treatment price.